Number of participants: 4 to 96 participants

 Venue: outdoor: in the streets

Length of time: 1.5H to 2H

Visit Montreal (other major city courses also available) and see a side of the city that you have never seen before. In order to arouse your guests’ interest, we have come up with a fun and truly original activity, Metropoly!  The object of the game is, as a team, to collect as many properties and as much money as possible, while exploring the city.

This urban pursuit will allow you to travel throughout the downtown core of the city, and visit some of its most famous landmarks. One of our facilitators will accompany each group of participants. Just as in the original game of Monopoly, there will be Chance and Community Chest cards along the route.  Properties will be bought, and group selfies will be taken, as proof of purchase.

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